Solving technical issues can be a complex process. We want to help you get back online as quickly as possible, so here are some recommendations to ensure we deal with your issue efficiently.

The more specific you can be the faster we can help you.

Please Do

  • Tell us the domain name the problem relates to.

  • Tell us when the problem occurred – (date and time).

  • Describe the problem in detail – provide website URLs, any errors, what you did to get the error. If an email issue, tell us who the problem email was from and to (include email addresses) and again, any error reported by your email software or a copy of any non-delivery reports.

  • Give us your public IP address – you can always get this from – it helps us trawl the millions of log entries to find the needle in the haystack.

Please Don’t

  • Combine multiple issues into a single ticket – Because the ticket may expand into a more detailed investigation, multiple issues can confuse.

  • Submit multiple tickets for the same issue – It is important for our agents to see a single chronological history for each issue. It can sometimes take us a while to reply to a ticket, so please try to refrain from submitting multiple tickets.